Adam Duvall Net Worth

Adam Duvall Net Worth

In the professional world of baseball, Adam Duvall is one of the most successful players. He has earned an estimated net worth of $645,000 USD. His salary is approximately 9.5 million dollars per year.

Adam Duvall has been a member of the Cincinnati Reds and the Atlanta Braves. Before he was selected by the Giants in the eleventh round of the 2010 MLB draft, he had a career with the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

After his debut in the Major Leagues, Duvall hit three home runs in a game. He tied for the lead in the slugging percentage for the National League in June. He also made his first All-Star team, and participated in the Home Run Derby. Despite his success, he failed to advance in the postseason. This led to him being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Adam Duvall is a native of Louisville, KY. He attended the University of Louisville. Though he did not play basketball during his senior year, he played for the University of Louisville baseball team. At age 33, Duvall signed a contract with the Miami Marlins for one season. He has since signed a one-year deal with the Braves.

Duvall was born on September 4, 1988 in Louisville, KY. His father is Alvin Duvall, and his mother is Jeana Duvall. The family moved to Nashville, TN in 2009. Adam Duvall’s sister, Michelle, was born in 1986. Her birth name is Michelle Renee Carroll.

Adam Duvall is one of the most popular and most celebrated American players. He was the first University of Louisville alum to earn a major league All-Star berth, and he was the first to tie for the lead in the slugging index for the National League in June.

During his first full season in the majors, Duvall hit 103 RBI, tied for second in the National League in slugging percentage, and was named to the All-Star team. While he did not advance in the postseason, he did earn his first trip to the World Series. Although he did not win a World Series ring, he did help the Giants win the World Series over the Kansas City Royals.

Duvall was traded to the Reds in July 2015. He spent two seasons with the team, and earned his first All-Star berth in 2016, though he was not the team’s starting outfielder. During his first stint with the Reds, Duvall scored three home runs and tied for the lead in the slugging category.

Afterwards, the Reds traded him to the Atlanta Braves. Duvall spent three years with the Braves, and earned his first All-Star ring in 2016. He was traded back to the Reds in February 2021. However, he missed part of April and May due to a thumb injury.

As of 2018, Adam Duvall is one of the richest baseball players in the United States. He has an estimated net worth of $645,000 USD. Unlike most athletes, he hasn’t revealed any details about his personal life, but his Facebook account indicates he is dating a woman.

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