Alex Johnston Net Worth

Alex Johnston Net Worth

The net worth of Alex Johnston is estimated to be somewhere around $1 million. Despite the fact that he is still young, he has already achieved a great deal of success as a Reality Star. He has an online store, an Etsy shop, a social media account, and he also sells his own handmade origami.

Although Alex Johnston is a reality star, he hasn’t been able to find love in the traditional sense. Despite his age, he has managed to earn a respectable amount from his side business and his rugby league career. His earnings are mostly from the Yeezy sneakers that he wears and a number of other products.

Alex Johnston has been a part of the famous Johnston family since he was adopted as a baby by Trent and Amber Johnston. He was born on November 15, 2005, in Seoul, South Korea. After the couple decided to adopt more children, Alex Johnston joined them on the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons.

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He has a brother named Jonah, as well as four sisters. The youngest, Emma, was adopted from China. Interestingly enough, Emma is also a member of the Johnston family. This is a good example of how older siblings can affect the younger ones. While the eldest has been featured on a reality television show, the other kids have had their fair share of success and recognition.

When he was younger, Alex was a keen and avid fan of sports. In fact, he even played for the Australian Schoolboys team. Unfortunately, his athletic abilities were not enough to keep him on the field for the long term. As a result, he was not selected for the national Under 16s and 18s team. Eventually, he became a professional rugby league player for the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Nevertheless, his net worth may not be that high. At the moment, his primary source of income is a rugby league footballer. However, he has also started a small business, an Etsy store called AlexPaperCo. The store features a wide variety of items, from bookmarks to trinket boxes and stars. He has been able to achieve 700 sales with a five-star rating. Among the other impressive accomplishments, he had wisdom teeth removed.

Other than his social media accounts, he hasn’t yet revealed any details on his personal life. However, he has a website, an official Twitter account, and an Instagram account.

Considering that he was only twelve years old when he was featured on a reality TV show, he hasn’t really had to worry about his finances too much. Fortunately, his family has been able to support him with his burgeoning career. It is expected that he will eventually be able to retire from his career as a rugby league player, although he does have his own side business to support him in the meantime.

During his time on the show, he earned a respectable sum of money, though it seems as if his income has plateaued. According to his bio, he has lived in his current home for at least 11 to 15 years.

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