Amberlynn Reid Net Worth

Amberlynn Reid Net Worth – How Much Is Amberlynn Reid Worth?

Amberlynn Reid is an American YouTuber who has gained a lot of popularity among the plus-sized community for her vlogs about life and fashion. She was born on December 27, 1990 in Key West, Florida. Since the age of 12, Reid has lived in several foster homes. In 2011, Reid created her own YouTube channel.

At a young age, Reid had to leave her home as her parents were drug addicts. She lived in different foster homes in California. One of her foster parents was a friend of Reid’s. However, her mom was said to be in failing health.

Amberlynn Reid has two brothers. Her oldest brother is Anthony. He is in good health. The other is Price. While she studied at Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona, she could not complete her studies.

As a child, Amberlynn Reid grew up with her best friend’s family. She also had a boyfriend. However, he abused her, which led her to move in with her friend’s family. This is when she first gained weight. Once she started her channel, she grew to a large size.

After gaining weight, Amberlynn Reid began to smoke and drink. She was in competition with other YouTubers. But she eventually found solace in vlogging. Today, she has over 160,000 subscribers on her channel. Currently, she earns around $70-100k per video.

As of now, Amberlynn Reis’ net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Besides her videos, she has also posted positive quotes on social media.

When she was younger, Amberlynn Reid suffered from an eating disorder. She was supposed to lose weight. However, she gained three pounds in just a few days. Despite her weight problems, she gained a lot of popularity from her weight loss videos. A video about her weight loss journey was even featured in an unofficial Instagram account called curvycaloriies.

When she was a teenager, Amberlynn dated Krystle Sivak. However, the relationship ended after a year. Kacey then moved in with her best friend’s mother, but she later moved back to Krystle.

Amberlynn’s parents were also drug addicts. Their parents were abusive toward each other. Despite their struggles, the couple had two daughters. Amberlynn’s siblings were taken away from her parents at a young age. Eventually, her parents adopted Amberlynn.

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During her life, she has dated different people, including Destiny Cook and Becky Williams. Interestingly, she has never revealed the name of her father. Although she has not shared any details about her family, she has stated that she has a maternal aunt. And she is currently in a relationship with an undisclosed woman.

Despite her popularity, Amberlynn Reis is very modest. She prefers to lead a simple lifestyle. Though she does not reveal her exact income, she has a monthly income of around 50000 USD. She has also made an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

Despite her high popularity, she has received some criticism from her followers. Some have criticized her lifestyle. For instance, she rarely goes out of the house to take her dog out for a walk.

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