Barry Greenstein Net Worth

Barry Greenstein Net Worth

Barry Greenstein is an American poker pro. He is known for winning several major tournaments and earning the nickname of the “Robin Hood of poker” for his philanthropic actions.

Barry Greenstein has played on the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the NBC late-night show Poker After Dark. He is also an ambassador for the online poker site PokerStars. He is one of the top cash game players in the world. Although he is a low-key legend, Barry Greenstein is a rich man in the poker world. He has won over $7 million in live tournament earnings. His total estimated net worth is $10 million. He is a member of the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame and has been nominated for the Poker Hall of Fame.

He was born on December 30, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He grew up in a traditional home and showed an early interest in card games. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois and pursued a Ph.D. in mathematics.

While he was still in college, he opted to drop out of school to pursue a full-time career in poker. He became part of a startup company named Symantec but decided to leave when he realized he could make more money playing poker professionally. He later met and married his wife, Donna, who had three children from previous relationships.

As a professional, he won two titles, made six final tables at the World Series of Poker, and contributed a lot of his tournament winnings to charity. In 2008, he finished second in the WSOP Player of the Year competition. He received $45,000 in donations from other poker players. He was inducted into the WSOP Hall of Fame in 2011.

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In 2005, Barry released the book Ace on the River, which is a poker strategy book he authored. The book includes tips and tricks for poker players, as well as insights into his own gambling habits. The book was popular with poker players and has become a best seller.

Since 2011, Barry Greenstein has been a major force in the poker world, participating in numerous high-stakes games. He is still trying to win his fourth WSOP bracelet. Currently, he is in the top ten in all-time cash at the WSOP. He has won $8,138,298 in live tournament earnings. He has donated a lot of his tournament winnings to a variety of charities. He is an advocate for underprivileged children and has been known to take a lot of time to help the local community.

He has been involved with the DealioPoker project, a social poker app that enables players to chat with each other. He has also appeared on TV shows such as High Stakes Poker and has had a role in the development of software programs, including the earliest Q&A product. He has a strong grasp of the mathematics required for winning in poker.

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