Dalton Harris Net Worth

Dalton Harris Net Worth

If you’ve watched The X Factor and you’re a fan of Pop Singers, then you’ve probably heard of Dalton Harris. He was the winner of the final season of the show. Although he doesn’t have a long career under his belt yet, the star has already built up a substantial net worth. This includes his earnings from winning the show. It also includes his money from his singing and other endeavors.

When he was 15, Harris travelled to the United Kingdom to audition for the X-Factor. His audition performance garnered a standing ovation from the judges. One of his audition songs was “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” by Elton John.

As a result of his success on the show, Harris landed a contract with Penthouse Records, VP Records, and Yeezy sneakers. He recently penned some pop songs of his own. These have all been charted on the iTunes top 10. He has also been able to communicate with his supporters on social media.

Harris is not married yet, and hasn’t disclosed his sexuality. However, he does have several girlfriends. Some of them are also actresses, while others are musicians. Most of them are from his hometown of Clarendon, Jamaica. Despite this, Harris’ love life remains low-key. In fact, he was recently spotted holding hands with an Italian model.

Harris’s primary source of income is singing. He has won several talent shows in the past, including Digicel Rising Star and The X Factor. He’s not a big name by any means, but the fact that he’s won such a competition is no small feat.

While he didn’t win the grand prize on the show, Harris did receive a cash prize of 1.5 million JMD. With his earnings from singing, it is safe to assume that he has earned a net worth of  $1.14 million.

Having won the X-Factor, he has gained some notoriety, but his earnings haven’t been inordinate. His net worth has fluctuated in the past, but it is expected to go up with his upcoming projects.

He has a number of social media profiles, including an Instagram account with over 82 thousand followers. His official website can be found at daltonharris.com. Harris hasn’t revealed his age or weight, but his height and shoe size are both unknown. Several of his other accomplishments are unconfirmed, including his appearance in the movie Closer Than Ever.

He has a large family, including 22 siblings. During his schooling years, he attended a Kingston college and completed six CSEC subjects.

His most impressive accomplishment is he won The X-Factor UK. His success in that competition helped him to achieve his first major break. During his time on the show, he was praised by music legend Nile Rodgers. Another big step for Harris was being able to perform “Purple Rain” by Prince.

Besides his musical accomplishments, Harris has become a father. He was seen holding his newborn daughter during an appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Harris isn’t currently in a relationship.

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