Duncan Jones Net Worth

Duncan Jones Net Worth

Duncan Jones is a professional British Film Director, Screenwriter and Producer. He was born on May 30, 1971 in Bromley, London, England. His mother was Mary Angela Barnett and his father was David Bowie. As a child, he was raised by a Scottish nanny, Marion Skene. During his teenage years, he attended Gordonstoun, a boarding school in Scotland. At age 13, he became estranged from his mother.

Jones attended the College of Wooster, where he graduated with a degree in philosophy. He then attended the London Film School. In 2011, he directed the film Source Code. This was followed by the directing of the science fiction film Moon. The following year, he announced that he was directing the 2016 movie Warcraft. Aside from his movies, Duncan is also an owner of the London Angels football team.

Duncan Jones’s net worth has been estimated to be $70 million. His success has been attributed to his successful career as a Director. However, his personal life is largely private. While he is engaged to photographer Rodene Ronquillo, he has not yet tied the knot. It has been revealed that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2012. Fortunately, she is still in good health.

Other factors that may affect his net worth include his popularity as a director and his ability to attract a celebrity-like following. Moreover, his wealth comes from his successful investments. For example, he owns the London Angels football team and owns a chain of Burger restaurants, which he calls Fat Jones. Additionally, he has launched a line of vodka called Pure Wonderjones. And he has a Twitter account, which is active at least twice a day.

Amongst the most exciting aspects of his life is his love of technology. Jones is a fan of Apple products, including the iPhone and MacBook. Similarly, he has a website, and is also known to have an Instagram account. Although he has not been publicly quoted as saying that he uses his social media accounts to earn money, he has stated that he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook.

Despite his relatively short career, Duncan Jones has done many things that have caught the public’s attention. For example, he has starred in many films, including “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ghostbusters.” But the tidbit most people don’t know about him is that he is the only son of David Bowie. When David died in 2016, he left Duncan a 25% share of his estate. With this hefty sum, he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a successful filmmaker. Nonetheless, he has had a rough year so far.

In addition to his successful career as a film director, Jones has also become a famous YouTube star. His videos have racked up millions of views. Besides, he owns a chain of burger restaurants called Fat Jones, whose name is a homage to his late father. Another interesting fact about him is that he has created every skin that has been used in the game Shadow of Israphel.

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