Gordon Perry Robertson Net Worth

Gordon Perry Robertson Net Worth

Pat Robertson’s son, Gordon, is a successful televangelist. He is also the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has earned a huge fortune through his career. However, he is also a loving husband and devoted father.

Born in 1958, Gordon Perry Robertson is a prominent figure in the world of Christian media. He is a lawyer, film producer, author, and television host. He has also made his fortune through a variety of investments. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of about $50 million. His net worth is expected to increase significantly.

The renowned television evangelist, who is known for his program, The 700 Club, has become a household name and is considered one of the most successful business executives in the world. As the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, he oversees the network’s television programming, Superbook series, and films.

In addition to being the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Gordon is also the president of Operation Blessing. Gordon’s primary source of income is from his work as a televangelist. While he is a successful businessman, he prefers to lead a moderate lifestyle.

Gordon Perry Robertson was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on June 4, 1958. His parents are Pat and M.G. “Pat” Robertson. Their family is from a Christian background, and they have three children. One of the children, David, is a pastor at Faith Tabernacle. Besides his work with the CBN, he has founded several other businesses.

Gordon Robertson attended Yale University and Washington and Lee University. During his studies, he took part in Phi Beta Kappa. This honor society is one of the most esteemed intellectual honor groups in the United States. Upon graduation, he went on to work as a lawyer for ten years in Norfolk, Virginia. After that, he moved to the Philippines and began working as a missionary.

Gordon was ordained as a minister in 1960 and served as a member of the Southern Baptist ministry. Before that, he served in North Korea and Japan. When the United States restored its draft in 1948, he decided to enlist. It was during his service in the Marine Corps that he embraced a religious conversion.

Gordon and Katharyn Robertson have been married for over thirty years and are proud parents of three kids. Pat Robertson is the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, which airs in 180 countries. They have been the subject of a number of scandals, however, and are facing criticism.

Although the televangelist has a big net worth, he does not have a high salary. He earns an average of $581,991 per year. That is based on various online sources.Pat Robertson has received several awards, including the Ronald Reagan Medal of Honor. He is a prolific writer and is also a best-selling author. He is also the presenter of the popular television show, The 700 Club.

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