Gregory Brothers Net Worth

Gregory Brothers Net Worth – How Much Is The Gregory Brothers Worth?

The Gregory Brothers are an American pop music band consisting of Michael, Andrew, Sarah and Evan Gregory. They are currently based in San Antonio and Georgetown, Texas. These musicians are responsible for several of the most viral songs of the past decade. They are the creators of the “Bed Intruder Song”, which has racked up 141 million YouTube views.

The Gregory Brothers are also famous for their Auto-Tune the News series. Their most recent release, “It’s Corn”, has already amassed over 1.6 million YouTube views. During their time as a viral juggernaut, the Gregory Brothers have earned a fortune and made a splash in the music industry. They have released compilation albums of covers as well.

As of 2016, the Gregory Brothers are estimated to be worth $3 million to $5 million. While they make their money in many different ways, the largest chunk comes from their lucrative Youtube business. Moreover, they have a large fan base which contributes to their success.

Besides their YouTube ventures, the Gregory brothers are also known for creating a series of parody viral videos, including the ‘Auto-Tune the News’ and ‘Songify the News’. Among the most successful was ‘The Bed Intruder Song’, which earned a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Another fun gimmick is ‘Songify the News’, a parody of two presidential debates. Aside from being a fun ad, this video also produced $160,000 in ad revenue, as well as a few thousand dollars in royalties.

Notable milestones in the career of the Gregory Brothers include the creation of the ‘auto-tune the news’ series, the production of the ‘Winning’ song, the creation of the ‘Love Is Like Drugs’ album and ‘The Bed Intruder Song’, the most popular video on their channel to date. Apart from being popular in the United States, the Gregory brothers have garnered a huge following across the globe. This is due to their unique and creative approach to making videos.

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Several of their best-known songs have been parodied on social media and other platforms. However, they are most known for their viral oeuvres, which are usually the funniest. Other tidbits in their career include the “TikTok” and ‘Recess Therapy’ videos, which are among the most watched of all time. Although a bit on the cheesy side, these videos proved to be an excellent marketing tool.

In all, the Gregory Brothers are a talented and savvy band whose work is a must see. Their music has been categorized into three genres: ‘country and soul’, ‘folk and roll’ and ‘comedy music’. With a combination of the ‘biggest’ and’smallest’ accomplishments, they have become one of the most recognizable acts in the music industry today. It’s likely that they’ll continue to dominate the music charts for many years to come. Fortunately for them, their hefty net worth allows them to indulge in the occasional luxury. Whether they are traveling the world or enjoying some R&R at home, their fans are more than happy to clap for them.

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