J D Sumner Net Worth

J D Sumner Net Worth

John Daniel Sumner (November 19, 1924 – November 16, 1998, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) was an American gospel singer and musician, singer-songwriter, and businessman. He was a member of the Grammy Award-winning Gospel group the Masters V. In addition to his career in music, he was also a founding member of the Southern Gospel Music Association. During his tenure as a member of the SGM, he helped promote the Southern gospel genre and its inclusion in the mainstream American culture. His net worth is $17 million.

A native of Lakeland, Florida, J.D. Sumner was a bass vocalist for the Blackwood Brothers, a southern gospel quartet. The group was famous for their performances in the early 1950s, and they frequently sold out auditoriums. After being with the Blackwoods for only a short time, Sumner left the group to lead the Stamps Quartet. Initially, the Stamps were a gospel quartet, but later became known for their secular success as Presley’s backup band.

Elvis Presley was a young fan of J.D. Sumner, and the two formed a special bond. Their friendship would continue for decades to come. As a teenager, Presley was impressed with the deep voice of his friend. Later, the two would travel together on a series of tours. Both men had many musical associations, and they shared a passion for gospel music.

After being a soldier in World War II, Sumner returned to the music industry as a singer. He sang with several groups, including the Sunny South Quartet and the Blackwood Brothers. His talent for singing low notes, however, led him to be known as the “world’s lowest bass singer.” According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he reached a low G0 in just 26 seconds of vocal slide.

Sumner and the Stamps were invited to tour with Presley in 1971. They were featured on most of Presley’s studio recordings between 1972 and 1977. For Elvis’s birthday celebrations, the Stamps were always in demand. Eventually, they won the title of the best Southern gospel group of all time.

In 2013, the Stamps were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Afterward, the group toured with Presley, and appeared on numerous hit records, including “Burning Love” and “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii”.

When J.D. Sumner was still a teenager, he befriended Elvis Presley. Several years later, they became friends and shared stories about their mutual love for gospel music. During the time that they toured with Presley, they worked together on a number of projects. Sumner even sang at Presley’s funeral in 1977.

Throughout his career, Sumner was a well-known member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He served as president of the Southern Gospel Music Association. Eventually, he authored more than 500 gospel songs for the Stamps Quartet. At one point, he became the manager of the group. And in 1963, he became its leader.

Sumner and the Stamps were regular performers with Elvis Presley, and were a fixture on Presley’s live shows. The group also contributed to Graceland’s annual Elvis memorial celebrations. Eventually, Sumner bought the Stamps Music Company in the mid-1960s.

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