Jason Schwartzman Net Worth

Jason Schwartzman Net Worth

The actor, screenwriter and musician Jason Schwartzman is a famous figure in the world of entertainment. He has appeared in a number of movies and has earned a fortune. His net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. A lot of this money is due to his work as an actor and his music career.

When he was just a child, Jason Schwartzman began showing interest in show business. At age 14, he co-founded the band Phantom Planet. Since then, he has also contributed to the soundtracks for films like Smallville and Funny People. In addition, he has starred in films such as King Louis XVI and Fargo.

As a film star, Jason Schwartzman is well-known for his role in Rushmore (1998). He also starred in I Heart Huckabees (2005) and Shopgirl (2005). However, he has worked in a number of other projects and has appeared in several short-lived television shows. He has guest starred in the show Freaks and Geeks.

Jason Schwartzman resides in San Fernando Valley, California, USA. He and his wife Brady Cunningham have two children. Their daughter is named Marlowe Rivers. Other members of their family include their mother, Talia Shire, father, Jack Schwartzman, and uncle Francis Ford Coppola.

Jason Schwartzman was born in Los Angeles, California on June 26, 1980. He is a descendant of an Italian-American Catholic and Polish Jewish ancestry. His maternal half-brother is Matthew Shire. His paternal grandparents are Polish Jews.

Jason Schwartzman has a close relationship with Claire Danes. They have appeared in the film, The Darjeeling Unlimited (2007). He was also an active member of the band Phantom Planet. After the band broke up, he started his own band, Coconut Records.

Jason Schwartzman is a vegetarian. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. According to his personal life, he is very private. He rarely makes public appearances. Nevertheless, he does have a social media account.

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It is unknown if he has a personal trainer or a personal assistant. Despite his status as a successful celebrity, he has not been criticized for his lifestyle. Moreover, he has been in the top ten of the most stylish men in America.

Jason Schwartzman’s father, Jack, is a film producer. In addition, his mother, Talia, was an actress. On his paternal side, he has a brother, Robert, and two half-siblings. Also, his aunt, Sofia Coppola, is an actress. Another of his cousins, Nicolas Cage, is a movie director. During the 1990s, Jason was also a drummer for the band Phantom Planet.

Jason Schwartzman has been married to Brady Cunningham since 2009. They have a daughter named Marlowe Rivers. Additionally, they have an unnamed daughter. Currently, they live in a 2,600-square-foot house in Laurel Canyon, CA.

Although he enjoys a low profile, Jason Schwartzman has shown a great personality and has avoided controversies. He was ranked as one of the 10 most stylish men in America by GQ Magazine in February 2009. Furthermore, his success in the cinema industry has helped him accumulate millions of dollars in his lifetime.

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