John De Lancie Net Worth

John De Lancie Net Worth

John de Lancie is a famous American actor, musician, and television director. He has appeared in several television shows, including ‘Days of Our Lives’, ‘Stargate SG-1’, and ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. His net worth is estimated at $4 million. The 71-year-old is married to Marnie Mosiman. Throughout his career, he has made his money from acting, film producing, and music. Besides acting, he also plays the oboe.

When John was a child, he suffered from dyslexia. As a result, he spent much of his school years having trouble with reading. After his parents decided that he needed to pursue a profession in the arts, they took him to a tutor. In the end, he learned to read at the age of twelve. This talent was what convinced his parents to let him try out for an acting job. It did not take long for him to be cast in his first acting role. He was cast in the production of ‘Henry V’, which he performed at the age of fourteen.

De Lancie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., on March 20, 1948. He is the son of John Sherwood de Lancie Sr. and Andrea de Lancie. He has one sister named Christina. One of his best-known roles was playing the role of Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation. During the time he was in the show, he starred alongside Patrick Stewart.

At the age of twelve, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. His parents were convinced that he needed to pursue a professional career in the arts, and so they put him through an acting course at Kent State University. During the course of his studies, he acted in various stage productions, and was a member of the American Shakespeare Festival.

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De Lancie is a classically trained musician, and has been performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and New York Philharmonic. He has also made his directorial debut with the Atlanta Opera. For a short period of time, he worked as a narrator for General Motors commercials. Currently, he is a vocalist for the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ cartoon series. Throughout his career, he has also been a guest star on many popular TV shows. Some of his notable guest roles include ‘The West Wing’, ‘Breaking Bad’, and ‘Law & Order: LA’.

John De Lancie is known for his insatiable appetite for growth and experience. From his early days as a child actor to his current role as a TV director, he has a rich and varied career. Despite the fact that he has a relatively modest lifestyle, he has managed to accumulate a huge amount of wealth. While his net worth may not be as high as his movie-making credits, he has a steady income source from his acting, which helps him achieve his goal of a stable and comfortable life.

Throughout his career, he has made a large number of friends. One of his friends is Richard Dean Anderson, who has appeared with him in the television series ‘Legend’ and ‘Stargate SG-1’. Another good friend of John’s is Kate Mulgrew.

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