Jordan Schlanksy Net Worth

Jordan Schlanksy Net Worth

Jordan Schlanksy has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time now. He has worked with many successful American television shows and has gained a lot of fame. However, he is not very open about his personal life.

The producer is a native of Los Angeles, California, United States. He was born on April 13, 1973. At an early age, he developed a passion for the showbiz and started working on different television shows.

Schlanksy graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2003. Before becoming a producer, he worked as a studio coordinator for Conan O’Brien’s late night show. As a result, he earned a good income.

Schlanksy has been a producer of various great projects. His net worth is estimated at $5 million in 2022. This figure will likely increase as he continues his career.

Schlanksy is also active on social media. He has over 139k followers on Instagram and 27k on Twitter. In addition, he has over 100,000 fans on Facebook.

In addition to producing films, shows, and skits, Jordan Schlanksy has been involved in humanitarian work. He has collected donations for poor people in the US. He also regularly appears in video segments with Conan.

When he is not busy with his career, Schlanksy loves to lead a private life. He loves to travel, and is a big fan of Italian culture. It is possible that he will get married soon. But for the moment, he is single.

Though Schlanksy is not open about his personal life, he does tell his fans about where he is and what he is doing. If you want to know more about his personal life, you can visit his Instagram page. There you can find pictures of him with his friends and family. You can also learn more about his hobbies and favorite colors.

Besides being a producer, Schlanksy has also been a director. He has also won several Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on Office: The Accounts in 2007. Currently, he is working as an associate producer of Conan.

With the rise in his popularity, Schlanksy has been able to acquire a very lavish lifestyle. Although he has not been married, he has been engaged with Emma. They are planning to have children.

He is currently living in Los Angeles. Jordan Schlanksy has a good net worth and he works hard to maintain it. He has been earning good from different brand promotions, endorsements, and other monetary works.

Aside from his production and acting careers, Schlanksy has also become a very popular producer on late night shows. He has been part of the Late Night with Conan O’Brien since 1995. During the 2008 writer’s strike, Schlanksy and Conan worked together. They had a close relationship and contributed to hit skits.

Schlanksy has been involved in producing some of the best television shows in the world. He has worked as a producer for a number of years and has created many creative and successful projects.

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