Jose Mangin Net Worth

Jose Mangin Net Worth

Jose Mangin is a well-known radio host, actor, and metal artist. He has been the longest-running rock host of the SiriusXM company. As a result of his burgeoning vocal career, he has managed to build a considerable net worth. The sum of his assets has brought him to the repute of one of the wealthiest and most popular rock stars in the United States. His net worth of $4 million.

Jose Mangin was born in the United States of America on April 13, 1978. Initially, he studied pharmacy at the University of Tennessee. However, he was soon lured into the world of heavy metal music. In sixth grade, he attended his first concert by Anthrax. During his high school years, he worked with Dimebag Darrell. Later, he went on to work at the campus radio station.

Despite his success, Jose still has time for family. His daughters Ava and Mya recently finished high school. Occasionally, he sings with them.

Jose has a significant presence on social media. He has over a hundred thousand followers on his Instagram account. On his birthday, his family threw him a surprise beach dinner. Also, he has a huge number of fans on Twitter. He is also endorsed by Monster Energy Drink, Dean Guitars, and Jagermeister.

During his childhood, Jose aspired to become a metal singer. In the early 2000s, he founded his own metal radio show. He is now a successful radio host for the SiriusXM Liquid Metal channel. And, he is a metal ambassador for Metallica.

Jose Mangin is also an entrepreneur. He has co-owned tequila brand Riazul Tequila. Furthermore, he is the Artist Relations Director of clothing brand Affliction. He has also been an endorser of Monster Headphones, G-Pen, and Jagermeister.

Jose is married to Melissa Mangin. Their daughter, Ava, recently turned fifteen. They celebrated their nineteen year wedding anniversary in 2020. But, it has not yet been confirmed whether they are going to renew their marriage. Nevertheless, they have been together for twenty years.

Despite his achievements, Jose still loves to help people. It is believed that he has an affinity for weaker people. Moreover, he likes to invest in his family. Hence, he loves to spend his time and energy with them.

Jose Mangin married Melissa Mangin on July 28, 2001. Earlier, they were both working at TVT Records. When they were introduced to each other, they moved into a house a week after they met. After that, they were married for a little more than a decade.

Jose and his wife are proud parents of two daughters. According to Jose, he has no idea how they ended up married to each other. Yet, he is very thankful to have a wife who is supportive and loving.

Among his fans, some think that Jose divorced his wife. Nonetheless, he has not addressed the matter publicly.

One of the most sought after metal artists in the world, Jose Mangin has a net worth of $4 million.

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