Josh Stewart Net Worth

Josh Stewart Net Worth – Facts About the Actor

Joshua Stewart is a famous American actor. He was born on February 6, 1977 in Diana, West Virginia, United States. His parents are Charles Regnall Stewart and Margie Stewart. He has two sisters and one brother.

The actor started his career in theater and went on to appear in some popular movies and TV series. After gaining popularity as an actor, he earned thousands of dollars from his acting careers. This has paved his way to a net worth of  $5 million. Currently, he is married to Alexa Davalos and they have two children together.

Josh Stewart has been in a relationship with his wife since 1999. They have two kids, River Jacob and Ryan Justine. Both the children were born in 2010. It was after the two of them had a baby that Josh and his ex-wife Deanna Brigidi decided to separate.

Since then, Josh has been working on other projects. He has appeared in several television shows such as Criminal Minds, Dirt, Law Abiding Citizen and The Walking Dead: Cold Storage. In 2017, he was cast as the lead actor in the thriller ‘Shooter’. At the time, the show was in its second season.

As an actor, Josh Stewart has appeared in 46 films and TV series. He has appeared in commercials and advertisements as well. The actor has a good body type. Despite his age, he has maintained a slim figure. Moreover, he has a white complexion.

When he was a kid, he was fascinated by classical plays and did some local theater in Sutton, West Virginia. Later, he began to work in the theater in Los Angeles. Aside from this, he also enjoyed playing boxing.

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His father is a pastor. His mother is a teacher. He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and the University of West Virginia. During his studies, he gained a degree in marketing.

Josh Hartnett has also starred in several movies and TV series. He became popular when he played the role of Holt McLaren in the television series ‘Dirt’. The actor also performed in the movie ‘The Collector’. With his success as an actor, he also directed and wrote his own movie.

The actor has an estimated net worth of  $5 million. The amount is updated annually. Despite the fact that he has been successful in his career, he still prefers a modest lifestyle. However, he has been known to engage in activities like snowboarding. Besides, he enjoys hunting with his father.

Josh Stewart has been very active on social media. He regularly posts pictures of his life. While he was working on the TV series ‘The Punisher’, he met his future wife Alexa Davalos. She was working on the same TV series. Together, they had a daughter named Ryan Justine. Their daughter is now 6 years old.

On May 19, 2019, he married Alexa Davalos. Before their marriage, they were dating for a year. There is no evidence that they had any misunderstanding.

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