Kayla From Dancing Dolls Net Worth

Kayla From Dancing Dolls Net Worth

Kayla Jones is a dancer and reality show star from Jackson, Mississippi. She is an assistant coach for “Dancing Dolls.” Here’s a look at her life, net worth and career.

Kayla was born on May 10, 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi. She was raised by her mother, Tina, and her father, Terrel. During her childhood, she started to dance. Her father is a professional dancer and her mother is a professional performer. Kayla graduated from Callaway High School three years ago.

After a few years, she started working with the Dancing Dolls as an assistant coach. Eventually, she became the captain of the team. This is the first time that she has gotten a solo as captain of the team. In 2011, she was crowned the grand champion at the Bay Area Battle. Since then, she has won it seven times.

While she was a contestant, Kayla was the only one who was crowned grand champion for all of the seasons. She has been a member of the dancing dolls for nine years. In the final round of competition, her team is able to beat Team Caleda. Then, she becomes frustrated with Caleda’s comments during practice. However, she is able to win the Atlanta tour and Stand Battle. It is also the first time that she wins an extra round in Stand Battle.

She has been dating her boyfriend Mo for a while. They brag about their relationship on social media. Recently, they have posted a photo of them together with their three brothers. Their son, Kamarius Johnson, was born in 2021.

Kayla’s youngest brother died of meningitis. But, she is still happy to have the support of her family. She wishes her dad to come to the competition and to be her support. Also, she asked for help on Twitter to raise funds for a rainbow baby. When Kayla’s parents heard about this, they were so happy that they told her that they would come to future competitions.

Kayla’s father says that he will always support her. She hopes to study performing arts in college. Although she has a bachelor’s degree, she dreams of getting her master’s. On her Instagram account, she posts pictures with her three brothers.

She is a member of the cast of the television series Bring It! and she has a good salary per episode. She has estimated her net worth at $500 thousand.

Kayla started her dancing career when she was just two years old. She is now 21, and she was the captain of the Dancing Dolls from season one through season four. As she is building her career, her net worth is expected to rise.

For her efforts as a dancer and reality show star, Kayla has an impressive net worth. She is considered as the most famous dancer in Mississippi. Her salary is said to be an average of $30,000 to $10 million each episode. Even though she is young, she has an outstanding potential to be a successful professional dancer.

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