Les Mills Net Worth

Les Mills Net Worth

Les Mills is a family that has been making the world fit for three generations. Their story traces from a small gym in Auckland, New Zealand to the world’s largest group fitness provider. They are also famous for being the creators of trendy barre classes. Despite the fact that they have been in business for over 30 years, they are still going strong. 

The founders of the Les Mills fitness club were Les Mills Snr and his wife Colleen. Their first gym opened in 1968. Since then, the company has expanded to over 105 countries. Throughout the decades, they developed a standardized exercise programming system, and also created a licensing model. This led to the development of a global fitness movement. As a result, Les Mills workouts are taught to more than six million people a week.

However, the family was not always so successful. At the start, Les Mills and his wife were faced with challenges. Some of the obstacles they faced included competition from banks and con artists, and natural disasters. But eventually, the family’s passion for improving the health of others drove them to success.

After a series of failed attempts, the company finally managed to get its name onto the stock market in 1987. Unfortunately, the financial crash of that year wiped out most of the value of the sharemarket. Fortunately, the couple’s children convinced the company to revamp its business model. His net worth is $1.3 million.

Among the improvements were a focus on intensity and length of classes. This led to the creation of Les Mills Jnr, who is now the company’s creative director of millennial programmes. He has refreshed the Les Mills brand to appeal to younger audiences.

In addition to the fitness business, the Mills family has a passion for the environment. Its founder, Les Mills, has donated millions to environmental causes. Other members of the family have become leaders in the green business lobby. One of the current directors, Brian Kreft, is a South Island businessman. Another, Gerard Curry, is a lawyer.

There is one other notable member of the family, and that is Diana Mills. She is the daughter of Phillip Mills and Dr Jackie Mills. She has worked as the creative director of various Les Mills fitness programs. Her expertise has led to her becoming one of the world’s most prominent celebrity fitness presenters.

Besides her role as an entrepreneur, Diana Mills has made a difference in the lives of people all over the world. The Les Mills family has been involved in a variety of social activities, including donating millions to political causes. For example, they worked with Unicef to raise over $1 million for hygiene in East Africa.

When the noughties arrived, Les Mills and his wife had to face some tough challenges. The Les Mills family has been battling personal demons, and natural disasters. By the end of the noughties, the family was in need of a new direction. So, Les Mills and his wife Jackie saved up their cheap mountain bikes and began stashing them in their homes for the duration of their work days.

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