Matt Poole Net Worth

Matt Poole Net Worth

Matt Poole is an Australian professional surfer who competes on the Red Bull team. His  net worth is  $12 million. His career started in the junior ranks of Australian water sports and he won a gold medal in the World Surf Life Saving Competition. The youngster was born in Manly, Sydney, Australia, on May 20th, 1988.

Matt Poole is an Aussie surfer who has become a popular name in the Ironman series. As an Ironman competitor, he has travelled to different parts of the world to compete in various events. In addition, he has also had a number of races wins to his credit. Besides his sporting achievements, he is also known to be a good social media user. On Instagram, he has a number of followers.

Having been a professional athlete for a decade, Matt Poole has had a successful career. After starting out in the junior ranks of water sports, he clinched a gold medal in the 2012 World Surf Life Saving Competition. In 2016, Matt Poole was awarded the title of the Ironman of the year. During this season, he had two race wins and one race runner up.

Aside from his main profession as a surfer, Matt Poole has also had a career in rugby union. Before he was selected for the English under 21s team, he was a part of the Leicester Tigers side. During the 1989/90 season, Matt Poole accumulated a total of 24 appearances for the side. However, his career took a turn when he sustained ankle injuries that ended his career.

Matt Poole has had a number of affairs. One of his previous relationships was with model Maddy King. Earlier, he dated Candice Hembrow. Currently, he is in a relationship with Tammy Hembrow. But he has kept his personal life private, avoiding commenting on his relationship.

Although he has not publicly revealed his marital status, Matt Poole has been in a relationship with Tammy Hembrow since 2018. They started dating in December of 2018, and they are now engaged. Both of them want to have a baby. They are expecting to be parents soon.

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Despite having a large net worth, Matt Poole is not very wealthy. However, he is a millionaire because of his primary profession as a Surfer. This is because of the numerous car he owns and the salary that he gets. He has estimated the amount of his total assets to be $12 million. While he still has an estimate of his net worth, he does not reveal any information about his upcoming income. However, he has estimated his lifestyle and cars. It is believed that he has a salary of around $400 thousand. Moreover, he has a number of sources of income.

According to the latest report, Matt Poole has been spotted preparing to jet off to the Whitsundays with his new girlfriend, Tammy Hembrow. Their relationship is a source of gossip in the online community. Even though they have not officially announced their relationship, the two have been spotted together on several occasions.

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