Niana Guerrero Net Worth

Niana Guerrero Net Worth

Niana Guerrero is a well-known Filipino YouTube and social media celebrity. She has gained a significant fan base on Instagram and Twitter. Her videos have amassed millions of subscribers and viewers. Known for her incredible dance moves, Natalia has become a rising star on the social networking sites.

Born in the Philippines, Niana Guerrero began her career as a dancer. After a successful stint as a dancer, she has become a YouTube content creator and singer. With her impressive dance moves, she has gathered millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has also collaborated with other famous YouTube stars.

She is also known for her viral dance challenges. Her viral videos have been viewed by more than 35 million people. In fact, her “Switch It Up” challenge has been viewed more than a quarter of a billion times. However, she has also been criticized for her lavish lifestyle.

As a dancer, Niana Guerrero earns a good amount of money through her online activities. In addition to earning from her YouTube and social media accounts, she also makes additional income through brand collaborations. The amount she can earn depends on the popularity of her social media profile. For instance, a profile with more than a hundred thousand fans on Twitter has a higher price tag.

Despite her young age, Niana is already recognized as a talented dancer and actress. In the past, she appeared on Zack Tabudlo’s Give Me Your Forever. She was included in Nike’s “#YouCantStopUs” camp. Additionally, she has appeared in a few TV commercials. Currently, she has a number of dance cover videos on her YouTube channel.

Along with her half-brother Ranz Kyle, she has a number of dance covers that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Together, they have released their first single, “New Jam,” in April 2017. They performed covers of Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

Niana and her siblings have also gathered a large following on various social networking sites. They have over 5 million Facebook followers and over 1.4 million Instagram followers. Furthermore, they have received many awards for their talents. A few of their accolades include the Kids Choice Awards for Favorite Pinoy Internet Star and the METUB WebTV Asia Award.

One of her most popular YouTube videos is a dancing video entitled “Despacito,” which has been viewed more than 12 million times. Her other video, “Noise,” has been viewed more than 106K.

The youngest of the Guerrero siblings, Natalia has a huge fan base on the social media sites. Her Instagram account is managed by her family. On her Facebook page, she has over 5.8 million followers.

With her impressive social media presence, Natalia Guerrero has a net worth of between $ 531K – $ 3.18M. She is estimated to be between five and ten million dollars. Although she is a social media superstar, she is single. Nevertheless, she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in the Philippines.

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