Nick Koumalatsos Net Worth

Nick Koumalatsos Net Worth

Nicholas Koumalatsos is a YouTuber and entrepreneur. He is also an American veteran who has spent many years in the United States Marine Corps. His net worth is estimated to be one hundred thousand dollars.

Nick has a number of other sources of income as well. During his time in the military he was a member of the Marine Surveillance, which is considered to be a branch of the Marines that specializes in surveillance of other ships and land-based units. As a result of this experience, he has been to the far flung places. In his free time he likes to go boating and spending time with his family in Greece.

Among his other achievements is a bachelor’s degree in cinematography from Full Sail University. During his college years, he also studied at Campbell University in General Studies. This is in addition to his high school education in Panama City, Florida. One of his most important achievements was getting into the Marine Corps. After his stint in the service he served with the 2D Raider Bn. The most impressive thing about his military career is that he was able to deploy around the world in support of the OIF/OEF.

Another notable accomplishment was earning an associate of arts degree from Gulf Coast State College. When not engaged in his professional endeavors, Nick is a devoted dad and husband. Although his hobbies include the aforementioned boating, his favorite pastime is golf. Fortunately for him, his wife is a golfing buff, as is his dog Leo.

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Nick has also made his mark as a philanthropist. Since retiring from the Marines he has been involved in various community efforts. For example, he founded the Alexander Industries. Other ventures he has been involved with include creating a video game and a movie. On a more personal note, he has been married to Miss Capra for a few years. They have two daughters.

Nick’s Facebook salary is based on publicly available information. He is not as rich as he used to be, but he does have a few other notable successes to his name. Besides being a YouTuber and a businessman, he is also a former Marine who serves as a mentor and advocate for veterans and others in need. Aside from the aforementioned, he has spent countless hours training foreign police and militia in various countries.

Having been involved in the world of marketing, advertising and communications, he probably knows a lot about what people want from a digital ad. Hopefully, his YouTube channel will prove to be just as successful in the future.

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