Noah Beery Jr Net Worth

Noah Beery Jr Net Worth

If you have ever seen The Rockford Files, you might have seen Noah Beery Jr. He played the father of James Garner’s character on the series. In addition to his fame as a television star, Beery has also made a name for himself in movies. During his career, Beery appeared in over 100 productions. This list includes films such as Red River (1948), Only Angels Have Wings (1939), and The Trail Beyond (1934).

Noah Beery Jr. was born in New York City on August 10, 1913. He was the son of Noah Beery and Marguerite Fitzgerald Beery. His family moved to California in 1915 when his father began acting in motion pictures.

Throughout his career, Beery starred in more than 100 films, including The Mark of Zorro (1920), Red River (1948), and Trail of the Lonesome Pine (as the villain in 1941). Although he primarily acted as a supporting actor, he did manage to secure a number of starring roles.

A successful character actor, Beery starred in a wide range of films. Most of his roles centered around villains. However, his most prominent role was as Rocky Rockford on The Rockford Files.

As a child, he rubbed shoulders with some of the most well-known Hollywood artists, including Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks, and William A. Brady. By age 18, he had his first film role in the small-budget The Trail Beyond. Though his voice lacked power, he had a strong performance in this movie.

At the age of 19, he started pursuing a more professional career as an actor. He had occasional starring roles in films such as Follow the Boys, and became a regular player in the Circus Boy TV series.

By the end of his career, he rubbed up against some of the biggest names in more ambitious productions. He replaced Burt Reynolds in the co-starring role of Riverboat in 1960. After his death, his ashes were buried in Toluca Lake, California.

He was married to Maxine Jones, and had three children. They divorced in 1966. Their daughter Melissa and son Muffett were raised by their mother.

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He has a net worth of  $92 million. While he made a modest start, his long and illustrious career made him one of the most famous actors of all time. When he died on November 1, 1994, he was aged 81. Despite his age, he has managed to maintain a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

He also had a successful career as a professional race pilot. For a while, Beery was the owner of a private aviation company. But he eventually returned to the screen, playing a leading role in the crime drama Red River in 1948. Afterward, he took up a supporting role as the father of the character James Garner on the popular television series The Rockford Files.

He had a large family, but he always focused on his work. Beery was a respected character actor, and his work is remembered by movie fans.

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