Philip Laude Net Worth 2021

Philip Laude Net Worth 2021

Philip Laude is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. He is the son of Candyman and the creator of Kendi Mint, Orange Kist, and White Rabbit candy. Philipp is also an actor, singer, and comedian. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. In addition, he is the owner of Timson Securities, a brokerage firm, and Timson Printing.

Philip Laude was born on June 29, 1990, in Hilpolpolstein, Germany. His parents are of Chinese-Filipino descent. At the age of 18, he studied Business Management and then began working as a Vice President for Timson Securities. The Laude family eventually opened a brokerage firm and a rice trading business. They have four children. Aside from their children, they have also owned two luxurious mansions in the Philippines.

The family’s wealth has been passed down from generation to generation, but the youngest member of the family, Pj, has a wealth that is even higher than his siblings. His father and mother, Alice G. Eduardo, have three sisters, Jameson, Jessica, and Sophia. As a result, the siblings are close in age. However, they do not get along. Their relationship has been very private.

Philip and Small live in an Ed Calma designed six-story Philippine palace. It features a deck and four gardens. There are also two scenic elevators.

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Philip and Small have also opened a new company, Timson Securities, which is named after their children. Their children, Timothy, Michael, and Allison, all help with the family’s business.

In addition to his personal life, Phil Laude has also become a YouTube star. His channel has more than 700K subscribers. And his videos have more than 0.6 million views. Most of his videos revolve around his lavish lifestyle, from attending the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Art+Film Gala, to enjoying a meal with friends.

Philip Laude is known for his dazzling designer outfits. He has worn Balmain, Celine, and Marchesa. He has also sung on the movie soundtrack for Bibi & Tina: Madchen gegen Jungs.

Laude has a slew of socialites and famous friends, from Mohamed Hadid to John Legend. He has attended many parties in Los Angeles. But he has also made his mark as a fashionista. He has worn Marchesa, Celine, Dior, and Sam Edelman leather thongs.

Although he has a slew of celebrity friends, the Laude’s relationship with them is very private. Philip has spoken out about his love for his mother-in-law, but he has not spoken about his marriage.

He is also a member of the comedy group Y-Titty. Phillip is also one of the three members of the YouTube comedy group, but has never filmed a video with them. He has also appeared in Stargate People Asia and Metro Society.

Philip Laude and Small have been married for more than twenty-nine years, and their children have grown up in a very wealthy family. Both of them have multi-million dollar homes in the Philippines. During the holidays, Small and her husband visit their parents in the city.

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