Popperazzi Po Net Worth

Popperazzi Po Net Worth

Po Popperazzi is a professional rapper. He is from New York City. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is a drug trafficker. He was born in 1986.

Aside from being a talented musician, Popperazzi Po is also a successful businessman. Currently, he is the CEO of the label O3GMG. According to his net worth, he has an estimated wealth of $8 million.

The rapper has been involved in a number of violent situations throughout his life. When he was a teenager, his father was arrested for drug trafficking. It was only after he turned thirteen that he knew he had a real father. This discovery was made after he got into a fight with his stepfather.

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Po started rapping when he was nine years old. Later on, he joined gangs in Harlem, New York. After his father’s arrest, Po decided to pursue a career in music. In addition to his music, he was a gangster and started his own company.

As an active member of gangs, Po had to undergo a lot of hardships in his life. Unfortunately, he is now dead. However, he is still able to earn a good sum of money from his music. Besides, he also keeps in touch with his brother Gumby.

Before his death, Alpo was in a relationship with his wife. She has chosen to keep her identity unknown for work reasons. During the trial, her support helped her husband receive a 35-year sentence.

Since the news of Alpo’s death, the rapper has shared his condolences on Twitter. Moreover, he has paid tribute to his father on Instagram. There are a number of songs dedicated to his late father. Several of them are available for streaming.

Alpo’s wife was at the courtroom when the judge sentenced him. She also accompanied her husband during his trial. But he is not married to anyone.

Popperazzi Po is a popular rapper. He is known for his catchy songs. In addition to his music, he has a YouTube channel with over 12.2 thousand subscribers. Moreover, he has a Facebook page. Despite all these, the rapper has not revealed any details of his past relationships.

Popperazzi Po was born on November 1, 1986, in New York City. He was raised by his single mother and a stepfather. Initially, he thought that he was the son of another Black man. Eventually, he learned that his father was the real father of his son.

After his father’s death, Alpo took up the name Popperazzi Po. Throughout his life, he has been subjected to verbal and physical abuse. On his Instagram page, he shares his grief and speaks of forgiveness for his late father. Apart from that, he has also founded a rapper squad called Popperazzi brick level.

Alpo Martinez has two sons. One is named Gumby and the other is unknown. Alpo is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for his role in a drug-trafficking operation.

Alpo was shot multiple times in the early hours of Sunday, October 21, 2008. The shooter was still being investigated.

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