Ragheb Alama Net Worth

Ragheb Alama Net Worth

Ragheb Alama is a well-known Lebanese pop singer. He was born in 1962 in Beirut, Lebanon. The singer was raised in Ghoubeiry, a suburb of Beirut, and is a Muslim.

At the age of eight, he started playing the oud. In addition, he participated in a live radio program. Since then, he has been a singer and a television personality. Besides that, he also works as a philanthropist.

Alama, who has been called “The King of the Arabic Pop Singer”, has released several albums and songs which have been successful in the Arab world. Some of the hits include “Betfell” and “El Hob el Kebeer”.

Alama was named as a UN climate change supporter in 2009. He continues to participate in the activities of the United Nations to tackle the issue. His other achievements include a number of awards and nominations.

Alama was born in June 1962 in Ghoubeiry, Beirut, Lebanon. After his first album, he went on to release his second and third studio albums. These albums also had a lot of hits. He has a large fan base, and has a strong social media presence. For instance, he has more than 500 thousand Twitter followers and 600 thousand Instagram followers. Aside from that, he has been endorsed by many companies, including Starbucks and Samsung.

He has been a member of the jury for the Arab Idol show, and was one of the judges of the The Voice: Ahla Sawt in 2019. Moreover, he has appeared on the talent show Studio El Fan and worked as a judge for the same.

He is one of the most popular figures in the Arab world. In addition, he is the richest pop singer in the country. His net worth is estimated at around $35.7k.

As a young kid, Alama grew up with seven siblings. In 1996, he married Jihan al-Ali. They have two children together. Their relationship hasn’t been discussed publicly, but they seem to be very close.

Alama has also been involved in the Lebanese Parliament and schools. Recently, he has been working for NGOs that are working on environmental issues. However, the amount of his net worth hasn’t been revealed.

Before joining the Arab Idol show, Alama was a contestant on the show. He has also participated in the pro-celebrity Formula One race in 2006. Besides that, he has been featured on various TV shows and has had an appearance on the TV show Donia Samir Ghanem.

Among his dozens of accomplishments, he has been the winner of two Murex d’Or Awards. Currently, he is the number one selling Arab pop artist. With his numerous fans and social media presence, it is expected that he will be the next big thing in the Arab music industry.

He has won several other awards and nominations, and his career has been extremely successful. His first album, “Betgheeb Betrouh” was released with the singer Elissa. It was the first arabic song to be made into a music video.

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