Raymond Warner Net Worth

Raymond Warner Net Worth

You have probably heard of Raymond Warner, but do you know what he’s got? Not to get overly personal, but the YouTube star has a net worth of 161.97 thousand. He has earned his money in two main ways – riding a scooter and selling merchandise.

He is a member of the millennials generation. He started out in sports and has since found his niche in the world of scooters. As of January of this year, he has 5.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and over one hundred thousand followers on Facebook.

Raymond has been in the spotlight for a while. He has earned the respect of his peers and a cult following. He has ridden for Epic Scooters and Envy Scooters. The man has no shame when it comes to scooter riding. And in all fairness, his style is a cut above the rest. In fact, his style has even been compared to the heyday of the ’80s.

It is no surprise that Raymond is a self-proclaimed empath. It seems to have been this trait that prompted him to invest in a go-cart venture without telling his wife. This has obviously paid off.

Interestingly, his wife Deborah has not given him a hard time. However, this does not mean that she isn’t supportive of her husband’s interests. Indeed, the star has made it known that he isn’t averse to spending his own hard-earned cash to improve the quality of life for his children.

Although he’s not exactly the most popular YouTuber around, he’s certainly not a bad guy. For starters, he pays the bills. He also is known for his charitable efforts and is the philanthropist of the Millennials. His net worth is a fairly small sum, but he does have a family.

On the plus side, Raymond is quite tall and has a nice set of dark hair and brown eyes. He is also known to be a witty, albeit a bit brash, individual. If you can get past that, he is a fun guy to be around. Moreover, he does not have a hard time with a prank. One of the more memorable he’s ever pulled has been when he threw a prank on an unsuspecting fan, by letting them ride in the passenger seat of his scooter.

The best part about the YouTube phenomenon is that it has allowed him to engage with a large number of viewers. In addition, the popularity of his channel has inspired him to launch a small business called Scooter Zone, in which he offers a variety of scooters and other goodies. Apparently, the company plans to expand in the future.

Raymond has a small but loyal following and isn’t afraid to brag about it. In fact, he has a website dedicated to his videos. There’s no official bio available, but a quick check of the Internet will reveal several links. Also, his slick style has won him the respect of some of the most famous scooter riders.

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