Rick Ankiel Net Worth

Rick Ankiel Net Worth

When it comes to baseball players, Rick Ankiel is a name that a lot of people remember. During his time playing in the majors, he had a career that was filled with success. He earned millions of dollars throughout his nine-year MLB career. However, his career took a turn for the worse when he sustained a major injury in 2006. In fact, Rick Ankiel had to undergo a reconstructive procedure on his ulnar collateral ligament. But he made a remarkable comeback. His net worth is $15 million.

When he was a youngster, Rick Ankiel’s father was in the marines. The family lived in Port St. Lucie, Florida. His mother and stepfather raised him. It was in this area where Ankiel attended high school. At the age of 17, he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the second round of the 1997 Major League Baseball Draft.

After he was drafted, Ankiel spent several years in the Cardinals’ minor league system. There, he became a starter. His success on the mound led to a promotion to the outfield. Although he had a couple of errors in his early seasons, he was a home run leader in the Pacific Coast League when he reached Triple-A. Through August 8, 2007, Ankiel had hit 32 home runs.

Ankiel was the starting outfielder for the 2007 Triple-A All-Star Game. He also earned Minor League Player of the Year honors.

Ankiel played a key role on the 2000 National League Championship Series team. He made his MLB debut in 1999. From there, he was traded to the Atlanta Braves. A stint with the Kansas City Royals followed, and then he was traded again to the Washington Nationals. By the time he left the MLB, Ankiel had been a part of two championship teams.

Rick Ankiel is a role model for many aspiring athletes. He is known for his work ethic and determination. He is a devout Christian. Additionally, Ankiel has helped many charitable causes. Not only is he a professional athlete, but he has also been a sports commentator and a spokesperson for a number of brands.

Though his personal life is private, Rick Ankiel enjoys spending time with his wife and sons. They spend a great deal of time together. Rick Ankiel and Lory Ankiel have two children, Declan and Ryker. Ankiel also shares his love for baseball with his sons.

Rick Ankiel has two dogs and a cat. He also has a Facebook account. While he doesn’t disclose his personal life publicly, he does share pictures of his wife and sons on his social media pages.

Rick Ankiel has worked hard to build his net worth. He has invested in real estate, stocks and bonds. He has also made money from appearances, endorsements and public speaking engagements. Currently, he makes around $3 million per year. Besides that, he has been able to put a few hundred thousand dollars into a trust fund for his mother.

Rick Ankiel has a net worth of about $15 million. His estimated net worth is based on a combination of his social and financial factors.

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