Scrap & Pallet Man Net Worth

Scrap & Pallet Man Net Worth

During the last five years Scrap & Pallet Man has made a name for himself in the YouTube community. With more than a half a million subscribers and a net worth of $67,000, the scrapper has become a celebrity in the making. In the past, the star has starred in various forms of circus shows as a performer or an assistant. While he currently lives in California, he used to call Hawaii home. He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University in 2012. Previously, he was also known as Scrap Man.

Despite his current status, he has yet to reveal all of his personal details. However, in the past, he has shared some of his wits and wiles with fans via a number of social media channels. Some of the more entertaining gimmicks include a bespoke tattoo and a few beers. On the business front, he has a steady income thanks to a few paid gigs and a side hustle as a YouTuber. If you are interested in a more laid back lifestyle, you may want to consider a move to the Pacific Northwest. A visit to Seattle might provide you with a chance to check out one of the many excellent museums in the area. Among other things, you can learn about the genesis of Seattle’s nickname: The Emerald City.

There are several YouTubers that have gained a bit of a cult following. One of these is the aforementioned Laino, whose oeuvre is complemented by a Facebook profile and Instagram account. His Twitter page has over 3500 followers, mainly attributed to his videos. As of January 2023, Laino’s channel is ranked as the fourth most viewed channel on the platform.

Besides his numerous video posts, Laino also teaches circus skills at a private school. Aside from his signature trick, he is a jack of all trades, having learned to play the guitar at the age of twelve. For his part, he has two dogs. After graduating from college, he decided to make a life in the west. It’s unclear if he plans to relocate to the Emerald City, or just stay put in Silicon Valley.

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