Simple Living Alaska Net Worth

Simple Living Alaska Net Worth

If you’re considering a life of off-grid living, then you should watch “Simple Living Alaska”. This YouTube channel shows you how to live the self-sufficient lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. From raising livestock to baking and gardening, the couple will give you a look into the daily grind.

The YouTube channel “Simple Living Alaska” is owned by the couple Eric and Arielle Illia. Originally from Oregon, the couple made a 2,500 mile trek to their home in Alaska, where they now live in a tiny cabin in the woods. They also run a successful YouTube channel. Although it’s not exactly a full time career, the couple earns about $20K per month from their YouTube ads.

According to the website, the best way to get involved with the channel is to subscribe. In addition to videos, they also sell handmade tie-dye T-shirts and have an Etsy shop. There are even rumors that they are expecting a baby.

On a yearly basis, the “Simple Living Alaska” couple can expect to make $240K in revenue. But their net worth is estimated at a modest $406,000. This is a relatively small sum compared to many other YouTube stars. However, the channel has a huge following. It has 675K subscribers, and has had 211K views in the last 30 days. Therefore, it can be easily tracked, and has the potential to make you a lot of money.

Simple Living Alaska also has an informative blog. The blog’s main page contains an informative list of the “Simple Living Alaska” products. Among them are homemade tomato sauce, candied Alaskan salmon, kefir yoghurt, and smoked Alaskan salmon. Their recipes are pretty tasty, and you can learn all about how to butcher meat and cook up some fresh meals. Additionally, they have a cute collection of animals. And, if you don’t mind the cold, you can join their “Chicken Coop” to feed their flock.

Despite their relatively modest net worth, they have an impressive amount of subscribers. While there are a few other popular YouTube channels in the homesteading niche, “Simple Living Alaska” is one of the more popular and interesting. Some of the more interesting features of their channel include a clever blog, their homemade ketchup, and their homemade salsa. These are all useful and informative, and can be helpful to new and experienced homeowners.

In addition to their YouTube channel, the “Simple Living Alaska” team has an Etsy shop and a Facebook page. They’ve made a big splash in the homesteading community, and are quickly gaining a devoted following. The couple plans on becoming fully self-sufficient in the near future. They plan on growing their own greens in their greenhouse and raising their own livestock. They also engage in hunting and fishing, and are currently building a cabin. You can follow their progress on the social media side of things by visiting the “Simple Living Alaska” Facebook page or the “Simple Living Alaska” Instagram account.

The “Simple Living Alaska” YouTube channel is not only a great resource to find out how to butcher meat and grow food, but it has helped the couple earn a decent sum of money. Although the channel is not a membership site, you can watch its growth through its YouTube analytics.

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