Sonny Curtis Net Worth

Sonny Curtis Net Worth

Sonny Curtis is a famous American singer and songwriter. He has been a member of the band The Crickets since 1994. During his career, he has received multiple awards and inductions into the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His songs have been recorded by Bing Crosby, Tom Petty, the Heartbreakers, and many others. In addition, Curtis has written over 500 songs. Some of these songs were covered by bands such as The Clash.

Sonny Curtis was born on May 9, 1937 in Lubbock, Texas. He is the second youngest of six children. At age four, Curtis began playing guitar. Eventually, his uncles started a bluegrass band. They also played local jamborees.

Curtis’s early songs included the hit, “I’m No Stranger to the Rain,” a song he co-wrote for Keith Whitley. This was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard charts. It was voted the 1989 Country Music Association Single of the Year. A version of this song was later recorded by Anne Murray. Other hits include, “The Straight Life,” “Good Ole’ Girls,” and “Married Women.”

He has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As a songwriter, he has worked for the Everly Brothers, Bob Montgomery, Waylon Jennings, Rick Skaggs, Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers. Many of his compositions have been covered by the Beatles and The Clash.

He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and has been ranked among the top musicians of all time. He has been nominated for the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. While he is best known for his work with the Everly Brothers, he also wrote jingles for clients including Western Airlines and McDonald’s.

He was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2007. Sonny Curtis is an active musician who has made money from social media. His estimated net worth is $1.2 million. However, this figure is based on publicly available information on Facebook monetization programs. Nonetheless, Curtis has an official website and a personal page on Facebook.

Curtis has also written dozens of songs for other artists. Some of these songs have been recorded by Joan Jett, The Everly Brothers, and Bing Crosby. One of his compositions, “Walk Right Back,” was a hit for the Everly Brothers. Also, it was covered by Andy Williams and Anne Murray.

Sonny Curtis has also been a session musician. Several of his compositions have been recorded by other artists, and he has had the opportunity to tour with such notable names as Waylon Jennings, Slim Whitman, and the Phil Morris Country Music Show. Additionally, he has been a featured singer on several other artists’ albums.

He is married to Louise Curtis. The two have one daughter together. Their income is largely derived from music releases and endorsements. There is no public information on their salary, but some estimates have it as $12,000 per episode of Sonny With a Chance.

Sonny Curtis has a net worth of $1.2 million. His estimated net worth is based on his music and entertainment activities.

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