Stoney Ridge Farmer Net Worth

Stoney Ridge Farmer Net Worth

Stoney Ridge Farm is a YouTube channel that has over a quarter million subscribers. As a result, it has a net worth of $140,000 in January of 2023. The YouTube guru has put out over 600 videos. Most of them are short, snappy and to the point. Some of the most popular videos include interviews with fellow farmers, farm equipment demonstrations, and tips for keeping your lawn green. This is a perfect fit for anyone who loves gardening and livestock.

It’s no secret that the farmer’s market is hot in North Carolina, and the state’s agriculture industry is ripe for the picking. One YouTuber with a knack for farming is Josh Draper, also known as the Stoney Ridge Farmer. He’s not shy about his passion, and he’s been in the business for most of his life. After a stint in Saudi Arabia, Draper returned home with a vision to restore his family’s land to health. In the process, he’s turned an overgrown tobacco farm into one of the coolest farms you’ll see in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

To get the ball rolling, the aforementioned YouTuber visited local farmers’ markets and other agricultural enterprises to find out which products were the most useful. These include things like tractors, mowers, and hay balers. His top tip: if your tractor isn’t cutting it, get a new one. Since his earliest days, the man has been fascinated by all things agriculture, but has only recently delved into video production.

One of the most exciting things about the Stoney Ridge Farmer is that he shows you what’s possible when you have the right tools and knowledge. His videos provide a peek at what modern agriculture looks like, with a focus on the small stuff, like pastured poultry and eggs, and a good dose of the old fashioned hard work.

For example, the Stoney Ridge Farmer has successfully converted his overgrown tobacco farm into a lush, organic farm with grass-fed beef cattle, beehives, and an assortment of crops, including strawberries, peas, and beans. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Stoney Ridge Farmer is his willingness to share his experience, and the ensuing lessons he’s learned, with others. A recent live video chat with Veterans Farms of NC was an opportunity to learn more about the veterans who helped build this country.

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In short, the Stoney Ridge Farmer’s net worth is a function of a passion for the land and an affinity for video production. His aforementioned YouTube channel has over a quarter-million subscribers and it’s not hard to figure out why. On a personal note, Stoney Ridge Farmer is one of my favorite YouTubers, and I look forward to watching all of his videos.

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