TGFbro Net Worth

TGFbro Net Worth – How Much Is TGFbro Worth?

TGFbro is a YouTube channel that is run by two people. It is the brainchild of British comedian and actor Romell Henry and his wife Cathy. The duo have created hundreds of videos on the platform and earned over three million subscribers in the process. This means they have some serious money to burn. They have also accumulated a massive following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One of the most popular viral videos on the channel is their “We Spent the Night Buried in Solid Concrete ft. KSI”.

They have also compiled a small list of awards that they have won for their videos. Some of the most notable wins include the “You Tube Star” award and the “Most Engaged Channel” award. Their most recent win was the coveted “Sweepstakes Award”. With over four million subscribers to their collective channels, it is no surprise that the duo has amassed a pretty sizable sum. As of the end of 2018, the pair’s net worth stood at a whopping $283,000, and that doesn’t count the money they’ve made from advertising on the platform. In addition to the aforementioned YouTube channel, Romell and Cathy have two dogs, a house in Birmingham, and a car. While their salaries may be modest, their lifestyle is certainly opulent.

Of course, Romell and Cathy aren’t the only ones raking in the cash. Other YouTube stars include vloggers such as Jake Paul, who has amassed a whopping 1.1 million subscribers on his channel. Another YouTube celebrity that has garnered a considerable amount of attention is hulking fellow Brit and boxer Chris Jones. He possesses a large fan base on social media and has been known to post cryptic videos that have gone viral. And of course, there is also a certain amount of controversy surrounding his actions. But, if you can get past the tamer-than-tamer name, he’s a fun guy to watch.

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Although it’s hard to say for sure who won the aforementioned “Youtube Star” award, he is certainly one of the most successful YouTubers of all time. In addition to his YouTube channel, he has a side hustle in boxing. Currently, he is training for the upcoming fight against a rival American YouTuber, the Cherdleys. Moreover, his younger sister is a keen boxer, too. So, even though the duo haven’t teamed up in the boxing ring yet, there’s no reason to believe they won’t in the future. Nevertheless, for now, they are one of the most entertaining YouTube duos out there. Just look at their list of videos.

Aside from their massive list of YouTube videos, the pair have also branched out into other forms of entertainment, including film and television. Both have released a few short films, as well as a few TV shows.

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