The Find Guru Net Worth

The Find Guru Net Worth

The Find Guru, as it is more commonly known, is the star of a YouTube channel with an estimated 550,000 subscribers. Not only is this lady one of the best known YouTube stars, but she has also garnered a lot of social media attention. She has even amassed an impressive number of followers on Instagram, where she has over 414K followers. In the YouTube space, she is not a slacker, having amassed over 800K followers in the past couple of years. Her vlog is a trove of nitty gritty tidbits about her life.

The Find guru has a modest estimated net worth,His net worth is $9,000. This figure includes a nice fat salary, a nice house and a funky car. Aside from her well-to-do lifestyle, she seems to be one of the most philanthropic people in the industry. For instance, she has a charitable organization of her own, the Marlene Foundation, which focuses on the health and happiness of underprivileged children. There are other lesser known contributions to the cause, including the donation of a crate of wine to an orphanage in Cambodia, a small but thoughtful gesture that may have prevented a lot of suffering in the process.

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Considering her many talents, it is not surprising she is so incredibly generous with her time. Among her numerous accolades, the Find guru has been awarded a Best New YouTuber award by the YouTube Council, a title she has stoically held since its inception. One of the reasons her fans are so loyal is that she keeps her personal life sane. Besides her YouTube presence, she is also an active advocate for social causes. When she isn’t busy filming videos about all sorts of things, she’s promoting a healthy and happy life through her social media channels.

Although she has no official bio, she has a plethora of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It is not uncommon to find the Find guru at various events and festivals. Despite her active calendar, she manages to maintain a high level of octane and is one of the most likable celebrity faces on the planet.

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