The Obsessed Garage Net Worth

The Obsessed Garage Net Worth

The Obsessed Garage is a YouTube channel that posts videos of the best of the best in the supercar world. Some of the most prestigious vehicles in the business are featured on the site, from the Rolls Royce Phantom to the Mercedes 4×4 Squared. One of the channel’s most prolific members is entrepreneur Tai Lopez. He is the brains behind the eponymous Obsessed Garage and a slew of other successful online ventures. Aside from owning a Lamborghini, he is also an investor and social media enthusiast.

The Obsessed Garage is a small site, and one with a modest budget. In fact, the site’s most recent acquisition – the Model 3 Performance – is the most expensive vehicle in the history of the site. As of January 2023, the site’s net worth is $166.48 thousand. Not bad considering the site’s modest size, which largely consists of a few employees and a few million subscribers. That said, the site’s most avowed benefactor, Matt Moreman, has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has been a wealth management advisor at Merrill Lynch. Among his many entrepreneurial endeavors, he also founded a company called Obsessed Wealth Management. If the site’s recent growth is any indication, the future of this business model looks very bright. Despite the recent spike, the site’s subscribers remain steadfast.

The site has a notably sprightly following, including a number of celebrity fans. One of the more notable names among them is a German motorsport aficionado named Jean Pierre Kraemer. While the site’s most noteworthy production is the roll-out of the Rolls Royce Phantom, the site’s most popular vehicle is undoubtedly its flagship model, the Mercedes 4×4 Squared. This is not to be confused with the aforementioned Phantom, which is only a minor leagues upgrade on the standard Mercedes-Benz. With the purchase of the Model 3, however, the site’s most devoted enthusiasts may soon have a more rounded experience. Regardless of how the site evolves, there’s no denying the influx of quality content has reaffirmed its standing as a leading automotive online community.

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