The Slap Train Net Worth

The Slap Train Net Worth

The Slap Train is a YouTube channel run by Peter Jeakins. The channel focuses on the aforementioned slap and some gaming. The content creator reportedly earns a solid $1,200 per month from ad revenue and donations. His most recent sponsorship is with Square and CashApp. Despite a few setbacks, the dude seems to be on his game. He and his fiancee, Ryleigh, became engaged in December 2015 and tied the knot in October of that year. His net worth is $169,000.

In addition to his YouTube channel, TheSLAPTrain streams on the more traditional medium, Twitch. As of June 2018, the channel has over 2,200 subscribers and has garnered a fair share of attention for its innovative content. Not only does TheSLAPTrain post cool content related to racing video games, he also occasionally posts vlogs. This is a relatively new phenomenon, but a recent trend among gamers.

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A cursory review of TheSLAPTrain’s social media accounts shows that he is quite popular with his followers. Indeed, he is known to have a rather hefty following on Twitter and Instagram. His Twitter profile includes some impressive stats. There is no word on how many followers he has in total, but you can bet the tally is high. However, as of late, the number of subscribers has dwindled, with a recent decline reported in January of this year. Fortunately, it has only been a few months, so he can easily get his groove back and start posting videos again. After all, the more content to display to your followers, the more engagement you’ll have.

For a guy who stands just over 5 feet tall, he does seem to be a rather tall fellow. Nevertheless, his net worth is a matter of conjecture, and his tally could well be on the rise.

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