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Tum Tum Net Worth – Rapper Tony “Tum Tum” Richardson

If you’re looking for a new rapper to add to your playlist, you’ll want to check out Tony “Tum Tum” Richardson. Not only is he an accomplished solo artist, but he also works with a slew of other talented rappers, as part of the Dirty South Rydahs hip hop collective. His first album, PURP KOBAIN, was released in 2010. Now he’s set to release a brand new album titled Eat or Get Ate, which is scheduled for release in January. His net worth is $5 million.

In his early days, Tum Tum was a fan of the Texas rap scene. He would go to Pleasant Grove to visit his favorite record store, where he’d often hear local artists performing. After the release of Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life tour, Tum Tum decided to give rap a shot. While he was a big fan of the genre, he wasn’t sure how to take his career seriously. But after finding out that George Lopez had recently opened up a new record label called T-Town Music, Tum was encouraged to put together a demo.

It wasn’t long before he hit the road. His first major tour, dubbed the Dirty South Rydas, took him to several cities in a single month. By the time the dust settled, he and his crew had established themselves as viable artists with a unique sound. They went on to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Universal Republic. The Smoker’s Club consisted of Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., and the late, great Kurt Cobain.

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One of the perks of being a part of the Dirty South Rydas is the access to some of the best producers in the business. Oftentimes, these rappers have been known to show up on Tum Tum’s albums and mixtapes, lending their own unique sounds. On EAT OR GET ATE, for example, Tum collaborates with some of Dallas’ most exciting young rappers, including O’E, Trae, Willieboy, Milk, and Yonni.

As far as marketing goes, Tum Tum has been a big proponent of the mixtape. Oftentimes, he’ll hand-deliver an album or mixtape to his fans. That said, his YouTube channel has been a big moneymaker. Since launching in 2009, MYM TUM TUM has amassed over 476 thousand subscribers. This translates to over 500,000 Twitch fans, a whopping number that he’s made use of in his marketing campaign.

In the last few years, a major resurgence has taken place in the Texas hip-hop scene. Several of the biggest names in the genre have been based out of Dallas, and Tum Tum has tapped into this trend. He has enlisted the help of some of the city’s most promising up and coming artists to work on tracks for his new project.

There’s no telling what the future holds for the rapper known as Mym Tum Tum, but for now, it seems like he’s having a lot of fun and earning his fair share of buzz. Whether he’s going to make a respectable follow up to his 2010 PURP KOBAIN album remains to be seen.

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