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What is Xcodeh Net Worth?

One of the most popular YouTube personalities, Xcodeh, has a net worth of two million dollars. This American video game commentator was born in Connecticut, United States. He is known for his narrative commentary, especially when it comes to Call of Duty. His real name is Cody Miller.

xCodeh is also a YouTube star with over 650,000 subscribers. As a YouTuber, he produces videos in which he provides narrative commentary. His channel, Fullscreen, is sponsored by Apathy Wear and Kontrol Freek. Although his main source of income is from his YouTube channel, he is a professional vlogger as well. In addition to his vlogs and videos, xCodeh is also active in the social media world. Besides his own website, he maintains an official Twitter and Facebook page. These are the best places to get to know more about this young gamer.

The most impressive thing about xCodeh is his dedication to his work. He is dedicated to his craft and is always offering his fans the best. Not only does he make a good living from his YouTube videos, but he has also established himself as a savvy businessman. Xcodeh is also the owner of Z One N Only Gaming, an online gaming company.

Xcodeh is an American YouTube star who has amassed a cult following, and has even accumulated over six hundred thousand subscribers. Despite his popularity, the xcodeh has managed to keep his personal life private. Unlike other YouTubers, he is not in the dating pool. Regardless, he has managed to establish a solid relationship with his partner. Nevertheless, it is hard to tell whether they are more than friends. They certainly share a love for each other and are not in conflict.

Another noteworthy occurrence is the fact that xCodeh is the wealthiest YouTube star. Though his net worth is not a secret, it is a bit difficult to pin down. Some estimates place his fortune at about five million dollars. On the other hand, others place his total earnings at over a million. That said, it should be noted that he has yet to announce his divorce.

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Xcodeh is a YouTube gamer with a loyal following and a large number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. He has also gathered a large following on Twitch, and his vlogs have garnered him a huge amount of attention. He has been nicknamed ‘the king of vlogging’ and ‘the Call of Duty king’, and it is for good reason. With such an extensive fan base, it is no wonder that xCodeh is one of the top-ranked YouTubers.

Xcodeh has not revealed his exact birthday. However, he was born in the state of Connecticut on October 2, 1996. According to his Wikipedia profile, he is a member of the Millennials Generation. There is also an indication that he is a Libra, which is a sign of balance. For the ol’ trifle, he has estimated his height to be around 5 feet 6 inches and his weight to be in the vicinity of 62 pounds.

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